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In the 17th century, traditional Vietnamese and Chinese practitioners began identifying their medicine as Dong Y to distinguish their medicine from the Western colonial medicine. Similarly, people in the West began to use the term “Oriental medicine” to differentiate Eastern medical practices from Western ones.

Thuốc Nam or Traditional Vietnamese Medicine has roots dating back thousands of years. It’s a field that’s evolved over time, aided by the nation’s humid, tropical climate, which provides ideal conditions for the hundreds of plants used in the discipline to grow. Today, from rural stilted villages to frenzied metropolises, the practice of ingesting these herbal remedies lives on.

Unlike Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thuốc Nam has no complex or time-consuming brewing process. Instead, different combinations of herbs are simply chopped or ground and consumed.

A mixture of rice gruel and onion is prescribed for the common cold, while garlic could cure spells of fainting. Warding off malaria is as simple as eating ginger; chewing betel prevents tooth decay.

TVM, unlike Chinese Traditional Medicine is more based on the use of fresh herbs. Further, although many herbs, trees, etc. are similar to both countries, many are very different and only found in one or the other country.

People in Vietnam, like many people in other Asia Pacific countries, feel that herbal/traditional and/or natural remedies of all kinds are safer, healthier, more sustainable and have fewer possible side effects than products made with synthetic ingredients.

It all started in 1999

After 20 years left Vietnam, I come back to the country and I went with my friends to visit the mountain, North of Vietnam- SAPA.

Coming to Sapa where is not only famous for the colorful mountains, terraced rise fields, passes up and down, but also well – know by The Medicinal bath of the Red Dao Ethnic. This is a long-time medicine that the local people here, every day they go into the forest and cut the medicinal plants to use for bath because according to their experience, these plants can treat many illness.

The village of the Red Dao is couched in the middle of the mountain. Life is associated with the jungle, so the Dao is very good at medicine. Medicines are stored and passed on from generation to generation among the women in the house.

The herbal remedy for bathing the leaves of the Red Dao is due to a combination of herbs that are good for the skin: honeysuckle, star fruit, fennel, fig leaf, camphor, royal hacienda. There are also good herbs for bones and joints. Bathing in leaves for four seasons has become a necessary procedure for the Dao people.

According to the wisdom of the Red Dao people, an herbal bath is especially helpful for physical and mental fatigue, as it relaxes your body and renews your energy by enhancing overall circulation, soothing your daily tensions. For women, the herbal bath promotes skin beauty by opening pores, removing dead skin and impurities, and leaving the skin soft, clean, and silky smooth. The bath also relieves some chronic illnesses including rheumatism and joint pain.

It’s was a marvelous experience. So, from there I began researching natural ways of healing by using herbs. And guess what? I BECAME OBSESSED.

Our Mission

Dr.Avi ‘s natural and organic whole food health alternatives were created using the concept of EAST MEETS WEST. The amazing formula of Dr.Avi’s products are the combination of well-known Western Vitamins & Minerals with Traditional Vietnamese Herbal Medicines. The Herbal ingredients were REAL and authentic since it come from our own 200 acres herbal medicine plantation in Dak Lak ( a province located in the center of Tay Nguyen)Vietnam.

Our Passion

Good health is at the center of everything we do. That’s why we’ve made it our personal mission to make Dr.Avi’s nutrition easy to understand, so you can pursue good health without compromise. We do it by crafting products that are just as effective as they are delightful, delicious and convenient. Because we know when something feels good, you’re a lot more likely to do it.

We Believe that….
  • Traditional Medicine can be used to maintain health as well as prevent illness.
  • The foundation of all happiness is good health because when you’re truly happy you’re at your best. And when you’re at your best, you’re unstoppable.